Jobs (and why we don’t want them)

When I imagine my future, I imagine going to a college (possibly a UC), probably taking a job while I’m in college (working at a store or restaurant probably), and then graduating and finding a job in the same field as my major (whatever that ends up being, probably something in biology). Nowhere do I picture myself being a farmer. It doesn’t really matter how much I got paid, I could never really imagine myself being a farmer for a few reasons: 1) I want to make a difference with my job and being a farmer won’t do that, 2) I won’t get a job as a farmer while I’m in college since I don’t feel like it could work around my probably busy schedule, and 3) once I graduate and get a degree I won’t want to waste that on becoming a farmer. Also, if I were to get a random job after college I would want one that has room for growth, something farming doesn’t really have (you know, other than all the growing the plants do). So, I can definitely understand why so many people in America don’t want to take up a job in farming, according to this article.

But, just because I don’t want the job and understand why other people don’t, doesn’t mean that the job positions don’t need to be filled. But we can’t really blame all of the individuals, instead we should look more at society as a whole and how it has taught all of us not to want to take that sort of job. It is because of people like Trump who believe that jobs like farming belong (or belonged) entirely to illegal immigrants and “bad hombres” that many people don’t want to take those jobs, they were taught that they were for people who had it worse than them and still feel like those people will be here to do it for them. But, because of Trump’s immigration crack down those people are no longer here but still no one wants to take those jobs because of the preconceived notion everyone has of them. But, maybe this could turn out to be a good thing. I can see this going a few different ways. One thing that could happen, probably worst scenario, is no one fills the jobs and eventually the farming industry collapses and we have severe problems with food. But, the other more likely scenarios are that we either start to understand that all jobs can be equal and eventually people are more accepting of all jobs, or we revamp the entire farming industry for one that becomes more sustainable and is better for everyone in the end. No matter what, all I know is something needs to change.


(image from pixabay)


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