In a recent blog post I talked about my great experience on a trip I did to the Philippines, you haven’t read that one already you should check it out. Anyway, in this post I would like to expand on a certain part of the post, specifically how I mentioned that every kid I saw in the Philippines had a smile on his or her face. I think there’s a way to explain why it is this way: Shifting-Baseline Syndrome. Now, this isn’t a syndrome like you might be thinking that is an actual disorder or anything, it’s simply the idea that the world someone is born into is the one they expect their life to be like. So, basically, the kids in the Philippines were born into their homes and their life as it is, and that’s all they’ve known so they know to accept it and be happy about it. But, in the United States we are reminded every day by social media and other things that there are people out there with way more things than us or are way better than us, so we constantly expect more from life and are never happy with what we have. We constantly want more because we see how much more there is that we could have, while kids in the Philippines have only really seen what’s around them and have simply learned that that’s what their life is and they should make the best of it. It’s a very upsetting truth, but a truth nonetheless.


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