There are some things about the past that I enjoy, I like the music, the fact that it created me, and the information that comes from it. The past has brought us to where we are today. But, that doesn’t mean we should enjoy every part of it. For example, I like vinyl records because they’re interesting, unique, and one of the first forms of recorded music. However, I realize it has a lot of downsides which is why I also like phones and other devices that are able to hold an unlimited amount of music for me to play wherever I am. But, I do not like CDs. They are this weird in between thing that have some of the uniqueness of a record, but less of it, and some of the usefulness of a phone or other electronic device, but less of it. This essentially makes it seem useless to me, it was a good transition and it was necessary but I think it should go away. Now you might be wondering how this relates to the weird word in my title, zines. I’ll tell you how: I feel the same way about zines as I do about CDs.

What is a zine? Well, it’s a magazine but without the maga. Now I don’t know what the maga is but it must be important because without it you get a zine, a confusing, terrible zine. I don’t want to be rude to those of you who like zines (which probably isn’t a whole lot of you since no one reads this anyway) but I just don’t get them. They’re a smaller magazine. Which is already a pretty small form of information that gives the most basic facts about something. So what is the point of a zine? I do not know. I cannot answer that question. The closest thing I can give is a link to this article. This person seems to care about zines, so if you want to understand how they can be useful look at that, not this. Because all I can say is zines make no sense. They are descendants from magazines, which is already a pretty lame form of information. It’s like if a blob fish evolved to be smaller, uglier, fatter, and worse at whatever a blob fish is supposed to do. Anyway, I don’t like zines. They should stay in the past with CDs.

Picture from pixabay


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