Pick Up Your Trash

I did a citizen science thing this weekend where I went to the beach, and took data on the type of trash lying around (while also throwing it away). I sent this data to both the city of Newport Beach and NOAA so they can analyze it and see what their focus for monitoring waste should be. And let me tell you, it was bad.

For the monitoring groups of two people were given 5 meters along the boardwalk to stay within, and they walked within this five meters all the way down to the water, writing down and throwing away all trash they saw. Within this small space, I found 365 pieces of Styrofoam. 365  in that one little area down the beach. Let that sink in. If I were to multiply that by how many meters the coastline of California is (1,352,000) I would get 98,696,000 pieces of Styrofoam. 98 million pieces. On the coast of California. Again, let that sink in. I feel like those numbers speak for themselves. So please, pick up your trash.


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