Heart vs. Soul

Our brain works by sending electrical impulses to other parts of the body in order to tell it what to do. But, we haven’t always known this so it used to be thought that there is something inside of us (our soul) that is what allows us to think and to be. There is no real support to that idea anymore, and much more proof and factual evidence of electrical impulses that would make believing in a soul seem pointless, but of course there are still those that believe in the presence of a soul. This seems perfectly harmless, it’s just another example of ignorance that only hurts that individual right? No, it’s not.

First off, still believing in something as abstract as a soul basically just goes against science, you aren’t accepting that it’s already been figured out how we think and live. Also, it leads to many (not all) of those people believing humans are superior over all else in nature since some believe humans are the only things on this planet that have souls. I don’t understand this thought process, but apparently it is a thing. All I know is that if we keep believing humans are better than everything else, there won’t be much else left to compare us to since we will show no remorse for the environment and eventually destroy it. So, it’s time to realize that we don’t have some metaphysical soul inside of us, instead we have and intricate system of cells, tissues, and organs that has been perfected over time to keep us alive. And not just us humans, all organisms share cells and DNA so we should stop believing we are so superior.


image from pixabay


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