Newspapers used to be the best way to quickly spread information. It was a great way for businesses to spread awareness of themselves, and for people to see what was going on in other parts of the world. But, with the creation of technology it would seem that newspapers would’ve gone away by now. What’s the point of printing newspapers and using paper when you can spread ideas in information faster and more efficiently via the internet? It seems like a complete waste of resources that contributes to the excessive amount of deforestation happening around the world. So why do we still make newspapers?

There are many studies showing that where people read can change how they think about that subject. Apparently, people feel more emotion and seem more connected to a story that is on paper than one that is on the internet. Also, some people just like the feel of paper. But, are either of those things really worth the destruction of trees that is required for them? Both paper and electronics allow you to access information, but electronics allow you to access more of it and quicker while also serving other functions. Technology seems like the clear winner of this from an ecological standpoint. Even considering that technology has a huge carbon footprint and causes some environmental damage, which is a defense some people have for newspapers, there would still be less of an impact if we used only technology instead of both. There’s no reason to double up on this environmental destruction when one of these things can cover the job of both and others.

All in all, I feel that newspapers are outdated, and although news from the internet causes problems in the world as well, newspapers should be left behind since at least technology still has room to improve.


(picture from pixabay)


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