I  read an article about celebrities (Shia LaBeouf specifically) and their political involvement that basically said they cause a lot of problems. And while I do believe they do cause a lot of problems, they can also do a lot of good since they can bring a good amount of people to care about a certain issue. But, my real issue is the whole idea of celebrities in the first place. I don’t really understand how our society ended up so centered around them. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a bad thing that celebrities are idolized, but I would say it is very interesting that they came to be that way. Why is it that someone who starred in a few movies can carry such weight and power in political things? I wouldn’t trust everything a McDonald’s employee says just because he did a good job getting me my fries. And on top of that, the whole idea of their being a job where you just pretend to be someone else is interesting. Why do we care so much about people that are good at lying and playing pretend? It’s not like they do anything that beneficial for the world. Some of them try to be nice and donate their money, but not all of them do and that makes me wonder why we care so much about them. Overall, celebrities in general are just a weird concept that I still can’t really grasp. It would seem much more reasonable if we all looked up to scientists that found ways to improve our lives and others’ every day.


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