Pick Up Your Trash

I did a citizen science thing this weekend where I went to the beach, and took data on the type of trash lying around (while also throwing it away). I sent this data to both the city of Newport Beach and NOAA so they can analyze it and see what their focus for monitoring waste should be. And let me tell you, it was bad.

For the monitoring groups of two people were given 5 meters along the boardwalk to stay within, and they walked within this five meters all the way down to the water, writing down and throwing away all trash they saw. Within this small space, I found 365 pieces of Styrofoam. 365  in that one little area down the beach. Let that sink in. If I were to multiply that by how many meters the coastline of California is (1,352,000) I would get 98,696,000 pieces of Styrofoam. 98 million pieces. On the coast of California. Again, let that sink in. I feel like those numbers speak for themselves. So please, pick up your trash.



There are some things about the past that I enjoy, I like the music, the fact that it created me, and the information that comes from it. The past has brought us to where we are today. But, that doesn’t mean we should enjoy every part of it. For example, I like vinyl records because they’re interesting, unique, and one of the first forms of recorded music. However, I realize it has a lot of downsides which is why I also like phones and other devices that are able to hold an unlimited amount of music for me to play wherever I am. But, I do not like CDs. They are this weird in between thing that have some of the uniqueness of a record, but less of it, and some of the usefulness of a phone or other electronic device, but less of it. This essentially makes it seem useless to me, it was a good transition and it was necessary but I think it should go away. Now you might be wondering how this relates to the weird word in my title, zines. I’ll tell you how: I feel the same way about zines as I do about CDs.

What is a zine? Well, it’s a magazine but without the maga. Now I don’t know what the maga is but it must be important because without it you get a zine, a confusing, terrible zine. I don’t want to be rude to those of you who like zines (which probably isn’t a whole lot of you since no one reads this anyway) but I just don’t get them. They’re a smaller magazine. Which is already a pretty small form of information that gives the most basic facts about something. So what is the point of a zine? I do not know. I cannot answer that question. The closest thing I can give is a link to this article. This person seems to care about zines, so if you want to understand how they can be useful look at that, not this. Because all I can say is zines make no sense. They are descendants from magazines, which is already a pretty lame form of information. It’s like if a blob fish evolved to be smaller, uglier, fatter, and worse at whatever a blob fish is supposed to do. Anyway, I don’t like zines. They should stay in the past with CDs.

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Heart vs. Soul

Our brain works by sending electrical impulses to other parts of the body in order to tell it what to do. But, we haven’t always known this so it used to be thought that there is something inside of us (our soul) that is what allows us to think and to be. There is no real support to that idea anymore, and much more proof and factual evidence of electrical impulses that would make believing in a soul seem pointless, but of course there are still those that believe in the presence of a soul. This seems perfectly harmless, it’s just another example of ignorance that only hurts that individual right? No, it’s not.

First off, still believing in something as abstract as a soul basically just goes against science, you aren’t accepting that it’s already been figured out how we think and live. Also, it leads to many (not all) of those people believing humans are superior over all else in nature since some believe humans are the only things on this planet that have souls. I don’t understand this thought process, but apparently it is a thing. All I know is that if we keep believing humans are better than everything else, there won’t be much else left to compare us to since we will show no remorse for the environment and eventually destroy it. So, it’s time to realize that we don’t have some metaphysical soul inside of us, instead we have and intricate system of cells, tissues, and organs that has been perfected over time to keep us alive. And not just us humans, all organisms share cells and DNA so we should stop believing we are so superior.


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I  read an article about celebrities (Shia LaBeouf specifically) and their political involvement that basically said they cause a lot of problems. And while I do believe they do cause a lot of problems, they can also do a lot of good since they can bring a good amount of people to care about a certain issue. But, my real issue is the whole idea of celebrities in the first place. I don’t really understand how our society ended up so centered around them. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a bad thing that celebrities are idolized, but I would say it is very interesting that they came to be that way. Why is it that someone who starred in a few movies can carry such weight and power in political things? I wouldn’t trust everything a McDonald’s employee says just because he did a good job getting me my fries. And on top of that, the whole idea of their being a job where you just pretend to be someone else is interesting. Why do we care so much about people that are good at lying and playing pretend? It’s not like they do anything that beneficial for the world. Some of them try to be nice and donate their money, but not all of them do and that makes me wonder why we care so much about them. Overall, celebrities in general are just a weird concept that I still can’t really grasp. It would seem much more reasonable if we all looked up to scientists that found ways to improve our lives and others’ every day.


Newspapers used to be the best way to quickly spread information. It was a great way for businesses to spread awareness of themselves, and for people to see what was going on in other parts of the world. But, with the creation of technology it would seem that newspapers would’ve gone away by now. What’s the point of printing newspapers and using paper when you can spread ideas in information faster and more efficiently via the internet? It seems like a complete waste of resources that contributes to the excessive amount of deforestation happening around the world. So why do we still make newspapers?

There are many studies showing that where people read can change how they think about that subject. Apparently, people feel more emotion and seem more connected to a story that is on paper than one that is on the internet. Also, some people just like the feel of paper. But, are either of those things really worth the destruction of trees that is required for them? Both paper and electronics allow you to access information, but electronics allow you to access more of it and quicker while also serving other functions. Technology seems like the clear winner of this from an ecological standpoint. Even considering that technology has a huge carbon footprint and causes some environmental damage, which is a defense some people have for newspapers, there would still be less of an impact if we used only technology instead of both. There’s no reason to double up on this environmental destruction when one of these things can cover the job of both and others.

All in all, I feel that newspapers are outdated, and although news from the internet causes problems in the world as well, newspapers should be left behind since at least technology still has room to improve.


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