The Loser

In this article from the LA Times, Mickey Edwards seems to claim that it is mostly the loser of the election’s job to make sure the political parties unite. There are many ideas within this article that I agree with, and I do think that the loser of this election should accept their loss, but I do not believe they have the most power in making America unified. Even if the loser decides not to make amends, the president should be able to do that himself/herself since he/she is, after all, the president of the entire United States of America. Would you go up to someone who got last place in a race and ask them how to run, or would you go up to the person who won the race? The point is, a loser is important and should not be sore about losing, but the winner is the one with the real power and if he/she is a truly fit person to run the country, then he/she should be able to make sure the people in it are, mostly, united.


The Road to Success

Today I found out that I have made it to the next step of my internship application process. I had to write an essay and I had to fill out the application, and now I am at the final step, the interview. I’m definitely nervous about what could happen. It’s hard to think about how all of the work I’ve done so far could be undone by this last step and lead to me not getting the internship. But, that’s how life is- nothing is permanent. Even from the most scientific standpoint, nothing in the universe is ever permanent. Everything works by constantly changing, even if it is just back and forth.

Still, that idea doesn’t make me feel confident about what I have to do. It may be true that if I don’t get it there is something else for me to get, but then I think about the  time I spent on this rather than on that other thing. Was this really an experience I needed? Would I have been better off not trying to get this internship? I don’t know the answer to these questions and never will. I’m sure everyone thinks about this from time to time. Even the most powerful and wealthiest people are subject to this constant change. It’s easier to lose money and power than to gain it.

As I write all of these things I am really just trying to comfort myself, but I know it could be comforting to someone else. I, personally, am definitely afraid that all of my work could end up as nothing, and it isn’t even that much compared to the work many others have found to be pointless. The world has a funny way of doing things like that where things just seem pointless. For example, animals that spend their short lives only mating, and then die. That species remains but none of the organisms in it get a life, they all just create more of themselves to not enjoy a life, and then those create even more and the cycle just continues. But where is the meaning to all of that?  What’s the point of making more if they aren’t going to do anything either?

I guess the only thing I can do is try. Because there is always that possibility that what you want to happen will happen. Maybe those animals reproduce because they believe one day, down the line, one of their ancestors will finally do something else. Maybe they know they are serving a bigger purpose. Sometimes you have to take a step into the unknown to try and see if you can find something better there than you can in the known. And if I want to be a scientist, specifically an ecologist, then I must be able to do that. So that’s why I am continuing to try to get this internship. Even if I fail, I tried. The path to success is a bumpy one, and you may never even reach the end, but the point of it is that the path is full of hope and if you don’t take it you won’t get anywhere.

If you made it this far through the post, thank you for reading and hopefully you feel more willing to try. Take that first step down the path, take a leap into the unknown. You might like what you find.





The other day I watched National Geographic’s “Before the Flood“. I was really impressed by it and I’m also glad they got someone famous, Leonardo DiCaprio, to be the main person so it would gain more respectability. Using him allowed National Geographic to establish even more ethos than they already had. Also, they constantly use pathos to make the viewer feel like they have some sort of moral duty to help save the planet. The planet is melting because of humans so we should do something about it.


Today I got an extra hour of sleep because of daylight savings, and the entire day I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much earlier it was than it felt. This happened once at noon, when I thought it was 3, and once at 4 when I thought it was about 6 or 7. What surprised me so much about realizing my mistake was how much stress I felt relieved every time it was earlier than I thought. That’s how much time has taken control of my life, and probably many others’.
I don’t understand why, probably because we are all afraid of how short life can be, but humans are always putting time limits on things and trying to force them. This happens all of the time, and forcing things never lead to a better result but it still happens. Whether it be a book or a video game or something else, people always want it as soon as possible and put pressure on the people making them to get them done faster. But not everything can be done faster and all this does is stress out the people making them and it leads to a rushed, worse product. I constantly feel like my biggest problem is time. I only feel stressed when I look at the clock and think of what I have left to do. Why did we as humans let time control our lives? Why do we as humans think of time as a limit?

Why are we letting time be a constraint to our true potential?

Stories Without Words

How can a story be told without any words?

It seems impossible considering the fact that humans speak with words, listen to words, read using words, and think through words. One answer people would probably think of is a picture, and while this is true I feel like the only a way a picture can be understand is through the use of words in your thoughts. For me there’s a better answer: music.

Although much of today’s music contains words, there was a time when music consisted of only instruments and throughout the duration  of the song not a word would be said, by either the musician or the listener. Some may argue that like my argument about the picture, music requires words to really be understood. That is a valid argument, but for some reason (that I can’t explain) music has a different feeling than a picture. When I listen to music the sounds just happen and I keep hearing them. It’s not like a picture where I can stop looking and it’s up to me to look at all parts of it. With music it’s just always there and always playing until it’s over. And without a single word, all of these emotions are portrayed.

A story is told that doesn’t require any words to see, any words to think about, or any words to hear.