Who Should Share Stories that Matter?

Based on the book I’m reading, Where the Wild Things Were, anyone who cares about a subject (or story) should share it. That is exactly what William Stolzenburg did with this book and it has definitely helped make his message more known and his purpose more widespread throughout everyone on Earth. Especially when your message is something that requires a lot of people in order to come into full affect, share it. Do not be afraid to spread your ideas and the stories that matter to you. If everyone was afraid to share their ideas our society would not have been able to become what it is today. That is why anyone who can, should share stories that matter to them.


The Bird of a Thousand Voices

Today I saw this video about a Lyre Bird and how it can imitate any sound. I just thought that it’s interesting and really shows the craziness of nature. It also gives an interesting example of the different types of impact that humans have had on the rest of the world. Who would’ve thought that we would change the sounds a bird used to court females?

This video also shows the complex relationship humans have with nature, both dependent on each other and constantly changing how the other behaves. For example, nature is dependent on us not to destroy it, but we are dependent on it for the natural resources (such as energy) that we use to survive. This video shows how just like humans use biomimicry to copy nature and learn from the unique aspects of it, this bird copies humans and uses us to its advantage.

Where the People that Care Were

I recently got a book titled Where the Wild Things Were by William Stolzenburg. I feel that the message it gives is really important because it explains why all of nature needs to be conserved and how every aspect of it, even the seemingly bad ones, are important to its survival. That’s why I was heartbroken when I went to Barnes and Noble only to find out they didn’t have it in print any more. Furthermore, when I went to look for it on Ebay, only a few places sold it and all of the ones I saw only had ONE single one left in stock. I couldn’t think of an explanation for this, when I was online the other day looking up good ecology books it was number four on one of the lists I saw. When I did more research I found out that it has a four and a half star rating and most of the reviews I saw loved it, or if they didn’t they just said it was because they already know more than what the book states since they majored in ecology. So, why is this book that is so beautifully written and was published not too long ago not getting printed anymore? Are there not enough people in the world that care about conservation? The answer to these scare me, because if there aren’t enough people that care about conservation to save this book, then how could there possibly be enough people that care about conservation to save out planet?

The Airshow

Today I went the air show in Huntington Beach and I was really impressed. I can’t even begin to describe the adrenaline that pumped through my veins just from being startled by the deafening sound of these planes. I was surprised by how close some of these planes got during their formations and how brave the pilots must be. It also rekindled my interest in planes. I have been told several times how planes fly, but I still can’t really comprehend what’s happening as these planes do flips throughout the air. Maybe one day I will get to go up in a plane and I will understand. Because sometimes you can’t fully understand something until you’ve done it first hand.


There are a lot of quotes about how actions an individual makes are like pebbles dropping into the water, and the ripples made represent the far reaching effects an action can have. But one thing I find interesting is that when you drop a pebble in the ocean it does almost nothing.

I noticed this when I was paddleboarding last weekend, and the ripples made when I put my paddle in the water quickly dispersed into the ocean around them. So, while dropping a pebble in a pond does change the entire pond, a pebble dropped in the ocean has no impact on the things around it.

I think this can also give an important message though. The message it gives is that you shouldn’t be afraid to go out and do things. When thinking about a pebble in a pond, many people may be afraid to try anything new or just be themselves in fear of hurting the people around them. But if instead they think of the world as the ocean and they’re dropping a pebble in that, they might find that they’re not as afraid because in the scope of everything that is and ever will be, they aren’t making that big of an impact. So, if you’re afraid to ask someone out or something else along those lines, just do it because, while it may seem like a big deal in the moment, that action will soon be lost in the world (just like ripples get lost in the ocean) and at least you’ll be able to say you tried.


Today is my grandpa’s 83rd birthday and I realized how much he really means to me. He is always helping me and giving me rides when I need them. But, I had never really thought about any of this until today even though I know I should’ve. This has made me grateful for not only my grandpa, but also for birthdays because they give you a day to focus on one person and remember why they’re important to you and why you like to be with them. Without this day who knows if I would’ve realized how much my grandpa means to me before it was too late.

Carry On (as if nothing really matters)

I was reading The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros in English class today, when I came across something that really surprised me. In one of the short chapters, this one was title “Meme Ortiz”, the author had the main character’s first friend move away. This isn’t what surprised me though, what surprised me was the way the author dealt with this situation and that was by almost not dealing with it at all. As a reader, I would’ve expected something like this to be a big deal since it was the main character’s first friend, who also happened to be her only friend for a while. But, the way Cisneros dealt with this was actually better, in my opinion, because she is showing how a lot of sad things happen throughout life that you can’t do anything about, and instead of being upset about them you should just move on.

This reminded me of a line from a very famous Queen song, titled “Bohemian Rhapsody”:

Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters

This quote and the book both show that when something doesn’t go your way you shouldn’t just sit at home and mope about it, you should move on and do something about it. Never dwell in the past, because if you do you’ll lose yourself there and not know where you are in the present.


This weekend I went to my boat and decided I’d go on a paddle board ride. I was paddling around the harbor where my boat resides (it’s across from the Queen Mary) thinking about how cool the buildings in that are look. But then I saw this bird just sitting in the middle of it all, and the building didn’t seem as cool anymore.

Seeing this bird forced to rest in the middle of this harbor, always afraid of boats and people going up to it made me feel ashamed. Humans are always expanding, taking up any new space we can find, taking away the space of animals. Now, I’m not an animals’ rights activist or anything like that, but sometimes I do think about the impact humans have on the environment. And this thought is why I would like to pursue a career along the lines of ecology, to try an minimize this impact of humans on the environment. Because I love having a car to get me places faster, I love having a house to sleep in, and I love all of the advancements humans have made over the year, but I also love nature and appreciate the beauty of it. Some may think that these things conflict, but I think they can work together, maybe even strive with the help of each other, through some sort of conservation.

One idea I’ve had over the years is a world where all of society is elevated above the ground, with nature living without human conflict below it. I imagine cars releasing water as a waste product on roads with grates to release the water to the plants below. I doubt anything like this will ever come to fruition, but I’d like to try and get the world as close to this as possible. I would like to make the world one where birds don’t have to rest in the middle of a harbor, in fear of humans and boats.


You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope some day you’ll join us

And the world will be as one

-John Lennon

I was listening to John Lennon’s song “Imagine” last night when I heard these lyrics. I think that he is trying to say that for any of the things he is talking about to actually come true, everyone must work towards it. I think this idea is important because, as seen throughout history, the only way change can happen is with a group. All Reformations and Revolutions start with a person with an idea and then come into effect when many people hear that idea and agree to try and make it a reality. So this song has a good message of speaking out for what you believe in so change can occur, and also dont’t be afraid to ask for help.