An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

The wisest mind has something yet to learn

This is a quote I saw on a wall in the history hall’s faculty lounge at FVHS. Never think you are ever too good to learn more.

I find it interesting because it almost says the opposite of the saying “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” and instead says you never have to stop learning.

One thing I have to wonder, though, is why it isn’t put more on display at our school so more students can see it and get inspired. Only teachers and staff ever really get to see it, which I see as a missed opportunity.


Sloths, The Laziest Things on Earth, or the Smartest?

While reading “Unflattering” by Nick Sousanis I cam across this quote, “The prevailing image of thinking is all in our heads, while we remain still in the body.” When I read this I immediately thought of sloths who always seem still in their body and I hypothesized that maybe the reason they are so slow and lazy is because of how smart they are. Now, I know that that isn’t the real reason but it’s good to understand that not everything is as you would expect and you can’t judge a book by its cover.